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Integrated Add-Ins

Build on your retail solution with one of Emporio UK's great Integrated Add-Ins below:
Loyalty Card

Loyalty Cards and Points (RMS)

Proven to increase your customers average spend and keep them coming back.

With standard templates, you can create your own tailored loyalty and rewards scheme quickly and easily. Choose what customer information you want to collect on your form, and whether you want keyring size, or standard creditcard sized loyalty cards - Emporio UK make it easy!

Features and Benefits:
  • Increased average customer visit spend
  • Increased customer return visits
  • Gather customer intelligence, track spending and build your newsletter/email database
  • Customer vouchers issued automatically
  • Simple and easy to setup, with all design work included

Contact Us to find out how you can benefit from loyalty cards and points today.
Hero Points

Hero Points (POS2009)

Offering a very comprehensive and fully customisable loyalty points solution, Hero Points allows you to choose exactly how to reward your customers. Whether you want to give them points on every spend, on specific products, or just specific days, the Hero Points add-in will reward your customers and keep them coming back.

Key Features:
  • Issue bonus points on specific days of the week
  • Offers different levels for customer groups, for example, OAP's or Students
  • Automatically issues customer vouchers
  • Track customer spend habbits
  • Exclude certain products or discounted items

Contact Us to find out how you can benefit from Hero Points for POS2009 today.

Supplier Integration (POS2009 and RMS)

Emporio UK can preload your system with your supplier's data and we are also able to keep CLF Distribution, Tree of Life, Solgar and The Health Store's data up-to-date with various options available.

Our Supplier Integration tools are provided free to all our EPoS customers:
  • Purchase Order Transmission - One-Click order placement, no fax or phone needed!
  • Price File Updates for CLF, TOL, Solgar and THS - Automatically adds new stock, updates pricing and descriptions etc.
  • Obsolete products are removed from current listings (Does not apply to POS2009)
  • Additional Reporting - Get the full picture with enhanced reporting developed over years of supporting retailers
CLF Distribution Customers
Get realtime stock availability when you submit your orders through the Emporio EPoS solution. Items that can't be completely fulfilled are instantly adjusted on your purchase order, and any 'out of stocks' are automatically removed.

With Emporio UK and CLF Distribution - you know exactly the stock you order from CLF Distribution is the stock you will receive, and any other stock you can immediately order from another supplier. Contact Us to find out more.

EasyV-Retail - Chip and PIN (RMS)

The simple integrated Chip and PIN solution for your store.

EasyV-Retail is a powerful pre-accredited card payment solution enabling merchants to process EMV Chip & PIN and magnetic credit and debit card payments within seconds via your Emporio UK EPoS system. It combines powerful payment software with a choice of stylish PIN pads, reducing countertop and cable clutter, in one convenient solution.

EasyV-Retail Key Benefits:
  • Installed within minutes
  • Safe and secure - PCI DSS approved
  • Accepts all major credit and debit cards
  • Cost saving - eliminate staff keying errors
  • High speed authorisation
  • Realtime reporting on sales
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